2022 Year of the Staff

“For the first time, people loved and cared for me, expecting nothing in return. For the first time, my child was accepted into the society I was living in. For the first time, people asked me, ‘How is Alice, your firstborn, doing today?’ For the first time, I got stable financially and became able to provide for my children. I am a happy woman, working hard for my babies and hoping for a better future. My children are ever grateful for the women their mama is turning into.” 

That’s what Victoria said after leaving survival sex work. With DuHope, Victoria was able to gain skills to help her family out of poverty. She’s become an artisan and now provides for her family with dignity.

And that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of DuHope’s staff. 

DuHope staff are like social workers. They provide counseling to women who’ve left sex work. They teach and train these women with skills to get out of poverty’s trap. They walk alongside women who’ve experienced trauma throughout their lives. 

It takes a unique skill set. It takes training. And if you know anything about the hard work that goes into social work, you know it can be challenging at times. 

But the DuHope women wouldn’t experience life transformation without support from a caring, trauma-informed team. 

That’s why we’re committed to investing in our staff this year. 

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Provide competitive, industry-standard raises to all staff in Rwanda
  • Cover health insurance 100% for our team
  • Invest in professional development opportunities for every staff member

We know the critical role trained staff plays in the success of ending generational poverty for the women we serve. Our $10,000 goal will cover pay raises, health insurance, and professional development for our entire staff in Rwanda.

Donate toward our Year of the Staff campaign to equip DuHope staff and further our mission. 

You financial support allows us to invest in highly-trained staff, so women leaving survival sex work are supported by our trauma-informed organization. 

Simply visit duhope.org/give to support the staff. 

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