• Artisan Update: Alphonsine

      Alphonsine, an artisan at DuHope, has had one of the most incredible transformations of our artisans to date. As is true of all our artisans, sh...
  • Third Lockdown and DuHope was Ready

    by Kirabo Diane, Operations Director COVID-19 has had a significant and lasting impact on nearly all sectors in nearly every corner of the world. ...
  • Meet the Artisan: Victoria

    Before Victoria joined DuHope, she was a street vendor of vegetable which is illegal in Rwanda. They are place she would not even think of going to sell his merchandise and also whenever she would be standing, the police would come anytime and take her if caught by surprise or run away and leave the merchandise there, loss now and then. 
  • My First Time to Rwanda

    My favorite part was always getting to sit out in the workshop and listen and watch as our artisans created jewelry that you guys are now wearing. I, quite obviously, couldn’t speak their language, but watching them work hard to produce a product that they can sign their name to, and be proud of, filled my heart with joy. 
  • Reaching the 10,000

    In Rwanda, there is more than 10,000 sex workers country wide. Let that sink in for a couple of seconds before you continue reading.
  • Your Style + Her Story

    I began to brainstorm all the words, phrases, and concepts that I believe encapsulate our message. Words like:  dignity, purpose, fashion, quality, hope, growth, craft, and artisan. I wanted to connect people with not only the mission of helping women leave sex work, but also the amazing handmade products that they make every day.
  • Trauma Informed Workplace: Opening After Being in Isolation for COVID-19

    A trauma informed workplace isn’t just concerned with getting back to work, but ensuring that its people are able to perform at their best. 
  • Meet the Artisan: Redempta

    Have you ever seen a 14-year-old take on full responsibility of a newborn? That is exactly what Redempta did. Before she got pregnant, she lived with her grandma but she found herself abruptly on her own. Looking for a quick income, she decided to go to the streets to look for money. She learned prostitution was a way she could. She needed to work to pay rent, buy food for herself, for her baby and clothes for the both of them.
  • Meet the Artisan: Francine

    When Francine was 17, she arrived in the city from the village but failed to get a job because she didn’t have a high enough level of education. Growing up, her homelife was a struggle so she would miss a lot of school and they couldn’t pay school fees. This resulted in her dropping out at 2nd grade.
  • I want to show you something

    In 2015, our university pastor at my church in Kigali, Rwanda called to say he wanted to show me something. That day, my life took an incredible pivot.