Artisan Spotlight: Geraldine

Before coming to Duhope, Geraldine stayed home and didn't work because she had left her job in a restaurant after she started living with her husband. Although they are not legally married, they plan to do so in the future because they both agree that it's necessary. She doesn't have any current marital problems because her counselor has been able to help her with the ones she had before.

She doesn't have any problems with the women here, but she doesn't share some of the personal struggles she goes through or any other secrets. Instead, she always talks to her counselor. She truly hopes and prays that women can love each other more, considering they have been working together for many years. She believes they should be more united and loving towards one another.

Like the other women, she had no idea about counseling until she arrived at Duhope. In her first session, she was really scared and didn't want to share much about her life. However, she later realized how valuable it was. She used to insult others a lot, but she no longer does. She is now able to handle any challenges she faces like a mature person. Her heart has been healed, and she has also learned how to live peacefully with others, which has made her a better mother.

She appreciates DuHope for teaching her how to pray, taking care of her children while she is working, and providing counseling throughout the years. She feels healed from the hurt she has experienced. Additionally, the opportunity to work and earn something has greatly helped her because she can support herself and her family instead of relying solely on her husband.

She strongly recommends counseling to people, including teenagers, and she tries to reach out to others who have been in similar situations. All her family members live in Burundi, as she is originally from there as well. She came to this place looking for a job, while her husband, who is a mechanic, is from Rwanda.