Artisan Spotlight: Josephine

Josephine had no idea about counseling before joining Duhope. The first time she underwent counseling, she felt like she was just wasting her time. Prior to joining Duhope, she had experienced a great deal of hurt, pain, and disappointment. She had gone through various types of pain throughout her 53 years of life. She had endured the traumas of the Genocide and had also faced difficult circumstances, including broken relationships, particularly with her late husband who had abused her. These painful experiences triggered anger, unforgiveness, excessive drinking, and wastefulness with money. She used to insult and react angrily to her children, which hurt them deeply for many years. As a result, she couldn't consider herself a good parent based on the way she had treated them.

She vividly remembers the time she joined Duhope—it was chaotic. The women there, including Josephine herself, carried a great deal of pain. They didn't value others or themselves. They exhibited bad attitudes, negativity, insults, hatred, and even held onto the genocide ideology. Surviving the death of her husband during the genocide, Josephine made the decision not to remarry and instead chose to raise her five children on her own.

Josephine views counseling as similar to having a tumor that eventually bursts. Counseling has played a transformative role in her life, allowing her to release the pent-up emotions and experiences that would have remained trapped without it. She has experienced tremendous healing and has learned how to pray. Her relationships with the other women in the group have improved, and she no longer holds onto the genocide ideology or engages in drinking. Her newfound faith in God, strengthened by her baptism, has transformed her into a different woman. She recognizes the same transformation in the other women as well.

Considering who she was before, Josephine now considers herself an amazing mother. She communicates with her children in a friendly manner, even though they have grown up. Her children can attest to her significant personal growth and positive changes. She hopes and prays that counseling will be made available to young people, especially teenagers, as it would greatly benefit them.