Board Member Highlight: Yvan & Shannon

During our recent trip to Rwanda, we got a chance to visit DuHope offices and really enjoyed meeting the staff members, as well as the talented ladies that the non-profit helps. Upon entering DuHope’s HQ in Remera, we were warmly welcomed by Jamie, and she made sure we met everyone that was around. She gave us a tour of the facility and brought us up-to-speed on the daily operations of the organization. The shop looked pristine, with lots of beautiful jewelry and many more artisanal products. Our boys enjoyed running around the spacious compound and got to share food with DuHope’s generous staff.


Yvan got to revisit DuHope’s HQ and formally met most of the staff. He also attended the “Happiness Audit” meetings and enjoyed getting to know more about the staff and what motivates them. The temperature was warm, and everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy what they do. They seemed curious and eager to invest in their personal and professional growth. While conversing with the staff, there seemed to be a clear understanding of how their contribution was valued and its impact on DuHope’s mission. During the same visit, Yvan spent a few moments chatting with the ladies of DuHope and it was evident that there is hope in their eyes. They spoke highly of the organization and emphasized the confidence-boost they get from making art in a safe environment that propels them to heal and grow spiritually, artistically, and financially.


Another fun memory is when Scott was around! He was staying a few houses down our street, and we got to enjoy a lot of fun places in Kigali with him. One of those places was “Turambe” restaurant (DuHope’s new venture) as it was within walking distance. I cannot count how many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners we had there. We cannot wait to hear more about Turambe’s future and the integral role it will play in the progress of DuHope.


Further, we stopped at DuHope’s location in Musanze and enjoyed our time there as well. Of course, we could not leave without buying some nice swag!


Finally, we cannot forget to highlight how Jamie is such a reliable source of information and an amazing host. Not only did she help us find decent and affordable accommodations, but she hooked us up with everything (playgrounds, restaurants, shops, etc.) and was always there when we needed her. Last but not least, she is an incredible driver.