DuHope Book Club: Nurturing Leaders through "Lead Like It Matters"

In Rwanda, the joy of reading has not always been readily embraced, often surrounded by misconceptions and reservations, and not frequently encouraged by parents. However, at DuHope, a remarkable transformation is underway as the staff embarks on a journey to pursue fellowship through reading. Over the past few months, they delved into the empowering pages of "Lead Like It Matters," a Christian-based leadership book by Life Church founder, Craig Groeschel, that offers profound insights on building thriving and enduring ministries and organizations.

For the DuHope team, the book club has been a transformative experience, providing them with a unique platform to engage in enriching discussions and share their thoughts openly. "Lead Like It Matters" has left a lasting impact on each staff member, illuminating the fact that leadership is a quality inherent in every individual.

Paci, one of DuHope's dedicated team members, found profound inspiration in the book's valuable lesson about embracing failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. Leaders, while planning and executing, often encounter challenges, and addressing these issues through open conversations is an essential aspect of effective leadership.

For Rafiki, the book club became a catalyst for a newfound passion for reading beyond academic books. "Lead Like It Matters" ignited a leadership mindset within him, encouraging him to think big and envision a purpose-driven approach in all his endeavors.

Even for Pauline, who was initially not accustomed to reading for pleasure, the experience has been nothing short of enriching and fulfilling. Through the book club, she relished the opportunity to exchange ideas with her colleagues. The book's teachings on mutual trust and leading with purpose resonated deeply with her.

The DuHope team actively engaged in lively discussions, brainstorming ways to incorporate the valuable lessons they learned into their roles at DuHope. Rafiki is committed to incorporating "kingdom-mindedness" into his daily interactions, sharing his skills and talents to empower his fellow employees. Diane has wholeheartedly embraced the idea of effective communication, ensuring that her staff understands the bigger picture and purpose behind their collective efforts. Meanwhile, Felicity is determined to establish efficient systems to achieve her goals.

Through the book club, the DuHope staff has not only discovered their potential as leaders but also cultivated a newfound love for reading and personal growth. The staff is eager to continue the book club in the future, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

The DuHope team wholeheartedly extends their gratitude to the office of Craig Groeschel for generously donating books for their first (and definitely not their last) book club! This act of kindness has played a significant role in empowering the team and enriching their journey towards becoming exceptional leaders for the community they serve.