DuHope Book Club: Soundtracks by Jon Acuff

The DuHope staff convened once more for their book club meeting, focusing this session on Jon Acuff's book, 'Soundtracks.' Joining our team from The Springs Church in Oklahoma, Beverly Guyer helped clarify difficult vocabulary and Western references that may not apply to Rwandan culture. Beverly also spent time in Bible study and mentorship with the DuHope team.

The book promised to shed light on the often-crippling effects of overthinking and offered tangible strategies to break free from its grip. Felicity, DuHope Production Supervisor, expressed initial curiosity about the book's title, sharing her struggles with overthinking and finding resonance in Acuff's recommendation to pause and focus on positives amid negative thoughts.

Charity, the Executive Assistant, echoed Felicity's sentiment, emphasizing the importance of confronting and understanding negative thoughts to facilitate personal growth. She discussed how she uses daily affirmations as a practical step towards overcoming overthinking.

Bernice, the Production Assistant, explained that the book taught her to first ask herself if her thoughts are helpful. She learned to identify whether her thoughts are harmful or helpful, focusing on the ones that are helpful and positive.

The group found Acuff's writing style to be both informative and engaging, with his use of witty anecdotes and relatable examples adding depth to the exploration of overthinking. For instance, Acuff recounts a time when his car broke down on the side of the road, leaving him stranded and frustrated. Instead of focusing on the immediate problem at hand and seeking a solution, he found himself overwhelmed by a cascade of negative thoughts and worst-case scenarios. He worried about the potential cost of repairs, the inconvenience of being late, and the possibility of further complications.

The DuHope staff finished the book with a sense of empowerment and inspiration, along with a renewed determination to combat overthinking and pursue their goals with clarity and confidence. They acknowledged the invaluable support of their fellow book club members in their journey of professional and personal development.