DuHope Kids: Art Class

DuHope strives to develop the mind, body, and spirit of our artisans, as well as our artisans’ children. By taking time to work with their children, we show the importance of early childhood development and being involved in the children’s lives.  

During this most recent school break, DuHope invited the children of our artisans to take part in an art class, led by an art teacher from Iran. The school holiday art program, which was attended by 9 of the artisans’ children, was a great success! So much so that the mothers asked to continue the class for their children.

During the 12 classes, the children learned arts and crafts, painting, and drawing. Apart from being an excellent hobby for them, the classes gave them something to do during the break and offered them an opportunity to improve their English with the art teacher.


Expressing her appreciation for the art class, DuHope artisan Geraldine said, “I liked the art class, and I didn’t know my son could draw! He really impressed me, and I think he will continue to improve.”

The children were able to paint on canvas for the first time and presented their paintings to their mothers. A visit to the DuHope workshop will be met with some of the beautiful artwork done by these sweet children.

God willing, this program can continue during the long school break.