DuHope's Physical Objective

An important objective of DuHope is Physical Well-being.

Due to the cost of medical services, medical insurance, and accessibility issues, some of the women participating in DuHope may not regularly engage with health services. At some clinics, people may wait for hours or even days to be seen. When you add the price of rent, food, and school fees for their children, medical help may fall to the bottom of the list of priorities.

With our new cohort of participants, we have begun to provide training on health and hygiene led by Jane, a Rwandan nurse with a passion for working with women and mothers. Our focus is on teaching women how to maintain hygiene and ensure food and water safety both at home and in the workplace, providing opportunities for them to practice what they have learned in a supportive environment. Additionally, we will provide information on the spread of diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases.

Jane will work closely with the new cohort to conduct an initial health screening within the DuHope premises so that women have a safe place to discuss any concerns they have. From there, Jane and our Social Worker, Adeline, can support women in accessing appropriate health services and advocate for them in overcoming any barriers they may face.

Importantly, we aim for women to understand the significance of these practices - the connection between hygiene and health, and the resulting well-being outcomes. We want them to feel confident in passing this knowledge on to their children, so that generations of families are healthier and safer. We want to see them teach their communities, so that more Rwandans have awareness about their health and have improved life outcomes. Our mission is always layered this way - reach individual women, who reach their children, who empower them to be change-makers in their communities. 


Written by Bronte Hughes, DuHope Social Welfare Director