Hope through Education

Education is often referred to as the cornerstone of development, and a key piece of breaking the circle of poverty. In Rwanda, access to education has expanded significantly in recent years, setting a strong foundation for the nation's progress. There are many factors that have prevented Rwandans from receiving education or having access to education.

Poverty remains a significant barrier to education in Rwanda.

Families with limited financial resources may struggle to afford school-related costs, such as uniforms, books, and transportation. In rural areas, some students must travel long distances to reach the nearest school.

While Rwanda has made efforts to promote gender equality in education, cultural norms and practices can still lead to disparities. Early marriage, teenage pregnancy, and household responsibilities can hinder girls' education. In some cases, families will prioritize boys' education over girls'.

When we first encountered our DuHope artisans, many of them possessed little to no formal educational experience.

However, they have since made remarkable progress by attaining basic literacy and numeracy skills, enabling them to read and write at a minimum sixth-grade level. Subsequently, they embarked on the journey of learning English, the official language of business in Rwanda.

Our commitment to providing hope through education entails equipping our young staff with essential skills and knowledge that complement their academic learning with practical application, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Many of these individuals were hired directly from universities and lacked any prior work experience.

The inspiring journey of the DuHope artisans and staff underscores the potential that education unlocks, from basic literacy to practical skills and problem-solving abilities.

As we continue our mission to provide hope through education, we contribute to Rwanda's ongoing efforts to overcome obstacles and foster a more equitable and prosperous society.

The story of Rwanda and the dedication of its people to education serve as a testament to the enduring belief that knowledge is the key to development, and the foundation upon which nations can truly thrive.