Open the Gates

Open the Gates
Over the years of my adventure in Rwanda, I have heard some very specific messages that the spirit of God has put within me. The most recent is, “Open the Gates.”
In the last few weeks, we have had some issues with our security at night time. Let me be very open and paint you a picture here. Our office is surrounded by a wall and is enclosed by a gate. During the day, our gates are open because we have The Hope Shop retail store and want guests to feel welcome. At night, our gates are closed, locked, and we have a security guard who is supposed to be keeping everyone off our property. We were alerted by an undercover sting operation that our night guards were allowing people to pay and come on our property to have sex with their prostitutes. The guards were disciplined and they were fired. We hired a security company, hoping this would be a more secure situation. Within three weeks, the guard from the security company was party to a break in of our offices. The thieves took 2 laptops, a cell phone, the cash from our weekend sales at The Hope Shop and some smaller things, resulting in about $2500 worth of loss. We contacted the police and the security company. About two weeks later, the guard from the security company was caught having sex on our property when the staff arrived for work one morning.
I am confident these attacks are not from people, but direct attacks from the enemy trying to distract and discourage us from doing the work God called us to do. 
So, my “Jamie” reaction–I have to protect my people. We should get more security, more lights, etc. We should focus on getting these people away from our gate.
In the mean time, God was putting a dentist in place to speak his Word to me. I was visiting the dentist who said (in summary) that we are supposed to get out of the way when He is working and that we are to ask questions of God and wait expectantly for the answers. He shared his story of how he came to a personal relationship with God. I found great peace his in presence and knew this message was something I was supposed to be listening to. 
Just like years ago, when the spirit of God within me said, “Go to Rwanda.” He spoke again saying, “Open the gates.” As I drove away from the dentist office, I knew we were not supposed to fortify our property, but actually open the gates and invite them in. 
It’s crazy, I know. My staff thinks I’m bonkers, but I’m okay with that.
So, we are working on some things to ensure safety, but starting TOMORROW NIGHT we are going to taking turns every Friday and Saturday nights sharing tea and snacks with the people passing by our gate. Our hope is to build relationships with women who might need to be a part of our next DuHope cohort starting next year. 
When we moved our office and workshop into that neighborhood, I knew we were taking territory from the enemy. He didn’t like it and has tried some tricks in the past to take the territory back, this is yet another trick. He’s not creative. So, we know Our fight is not against people on earth but against the rulers and authorities and the powers of this world’s darkness, against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly world. Ephesians 6:12
I am asking for your prayers especially at 12pm CST Friday
  • Give our staff the courage to step out of their comfort zone and get to know these women
  • Prepare us to go to battle against the enemy for this territory and these people
  • That the time we invest on the weekends will glorify God