2021 was far from an easy year for our artisans; the year was full of ups and downs. Covid-19 continued to negatively impact their lives and the lives of their family. Despite the uncertainty and instability, the women had incredible perseverance. Their experiences this year have shown them the importance of having stable employment and the hope that they can find in Christ Jesus. They are full of gratitude for the many blessings they received throughout the year.

As the year comes to a close, the women expressed their thankfulness for DuHope. For some women, like Betty and Victoria, DuHope has become the best support system that they have outside of their family. The women expressed their gratitude for DuHope leadership for caring for them, giving them more than just an opportunity for a job, but an opportunity to change their lives. They have become skilled artisans, improved their Kinyarwanda skills and English skills, and through counseling have begun to heal their minds and hearts. The women reiterated their appreciation for the financial support DuHope provided during the lockdown, but also revealed that, even without support from DuHope, they feel confident and independent. In their words, DuHope has made them better women, free from the toxic mindsets they had before.

Redempta recalls before counseling that she had no idea what being a “good mother” looked like. Her children were deeply affected by her toxicity to the extent that the oldest child became depressed. DuHope took him on a counseling journey as well and now he is a healthy young man, who can testify to his mother’s transformation. Redempta has discovered that being a great mother means being her children’s confidant and friend. She has learned that building a close relationship with them has helped her guide them and communicate with them in a loving way.

Josephine spoke about the blessing of knowing God and learning God’s word, which challenges them all and gives them purpose. Josephine made the decision to commit to her relationship with Jesus Christ and was baptized through DuHope. She wonders what would have happened if she never came to DuHope.

Finally, they thank God for protecting them and their families, even during the lockdown. They felt blessed that they still had food to eat, food to share with their families, and miraculously they did not lose anyone to the pandemic. Their kids are now in school, the ones who completed their National Exams passed with flying colors. They have so much to be grateful for in their hearts. God has been faithful.