The Kids of DuHope

Pic of Kids of DuHope
Education is the key to a better future for children of our artisans. It is important to invest not only in the mind, body, spirit development of the women we work with, but also their children. The stability of DuHope has allowed the women to secure their children’s futures without having to sacrifice their financial responsibilities or savings and they are now able to be present to encourage their children to succeed.
In the early months of the pandemic, schools were closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Though some schools tried to offer online studies, these courses only benefitted students with access to computers, internet, or television. Now that schools are fully open and students are back to their studies, DuHope has had the privilege of watching the children of our artisans grow and thrive.
One of the most important steps in securing our artisans’ children’s education was to ensure that they were able to pay for school fees. With the savings curriculum at DuHope, our artisans have learned to manage their budgets, enabling them to pay for school fees, medical insurance, clothes, and healthy meals for their children. Francine, for example, is able to negotiate with her children’s school to allow her child to attend classes while she pays in installments. Her eight children are so proud that their mother has a job and a small business that provides for their needs. Geraldine has a similar arrangement with her daughter’s school. Through DuHope’s training program, their mothers have found a way to balance financial responsibilities with while still having enough left for emergency situations.
The children are doing well academically and those who are still struggling now have the full support of their mothers, who actively involve themselves in their children’s education and follow up with their children’s teachers. The income and empowerment provided by DuHope has also helped the mothers find medical treatment for a few of the children who have learning and developmental disabilities. One in particular is now thriving at school after a long period of developmental struggle.
Our artisans are amazing mothers and they pour their heart into supporting their children, since most of them are single mothers who do not have any other support. These women did not have the chance to go to school, so seeing them invest in their children’s education is a special kind of blessing. All of their children are so loved by their mothers and by DuHope staff.