Victoria's New Job

Victoria joined DuHope at our very beginning in 2015. Victoria was dependent on sex work for having her needs met - rent, food, caring for her two daughters, and especially care for her daughter who has a disability. Victoria’s daughter is not able to walk independently and has very little ability to communicate verbally; when she was younger she required constant supervision, requiring Victoria to pay a considerable amount of money for someone who was qualified to care for her daughter. Joining DuHope allowed Victoria to make a more consistent, steady income, free from having sex with men to pay for hers and her daughter's basic needs.

Staff at DuHope noticed Victoria’s strong work ethic - she not only works at DuHope, but also has side businesses selling fruit, recycling bottles, and painting nails. What a superwoman! Victoria had often assisted with cooking food for lunch at DuHope, and people took notice of her great cooking skills. 

Fast forward to January, 2024, and the stars seemed to align! DuHope has partnered with a local cafe who were in need of some additional kitchen staff. Victoria had a few trial shifts in Turambe’s kitchen, and never looked back - she is now working at Turambe full time as a cook (and I can personally attest to the food being delicious!). 

The team at Turambe has had great feedback about Victoria already. Staff say that she is truly a team player - she will not leave work if there are still tasks to be completed, even if her shift is over. Her attention to detail and cleanliness has been appreciated, as well as her great cooking skills.

Victoria shares that she is loving her new role and the way that it suits her strengths and interests. This is what we dream for the women at DuHope - that they will find employment in places that utilise their skills, where they feel confident and empowered, and can provide for their families. 


Written by Bronte Hughes, DuHope Social Welfare Director