Welcoming Cohort 1

DuHope eagerly anticipates the arrival of a new cohort to join their transformative program. With an expected duration of three years, the DuHope program is dedicated to empowering women engaged in survival sex work by nurturing their economic, emotional, and spiritual well-being, with the aim of giving them more choices to enrich their lives. Having successfully piloted the initiative with cohort 0 over the past seven years, DuHope now stands poised to extend its impact with the introduction of cohort 1.

DuHope staff and artisans shared their collective excitement, concerns, and preparations for this pivotal moment. While the staff eagerly discussed their readiness to welcome the new cohort, they also acknowledged a sense of nostalgia and attachment to cohort 0, whom they have accompanied on their journey for an extended period. They expressed a commitment to exercise patience and understanding, endeavoring to provide steadfast support as the women acclimate to the program. Furthermore, the staff articulated their eagerness to witness the growth and transformation that the new cohort will undergo, mirroring the profound changes observed within Cohort 0.

I can’t wait to meet them and see how they will change and grow. We are preparing to welcome them.” – Bernice, Production Assistant

I am excited to work with them on spiritual development. We are thinking about how to welcome them, to know them, and how they can be transformed.” – Pascasie, Spiritual and Development Associate

Meanwhile, the artisans from cohort 0 eagerly await the opportunity to extend their compassion, knowledge, and mentorship to the incoming participants. They stand ready to guide and support the new cohort, drawing upon their own experiences and insights gained from their time in the program.

We have compassion for the new cohort because we understand them. We arrived at DuHope like they will. We are looking forward to teaching them to pray and teaching them the skills that DuHope staff has taught us.” -DuHope Artisan